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Posted by jerrodcastan12 on May 17, 2011 at 2:58 PM

The peaceful learning environment of a library is perfected with the presence of a stolid, beautiful round globe sitting on a desk. A globe in a room of study brings a dozen different elements together in a wholesome and complete way. The world globe started as a vital tool in ancient astronomer’s quarters, and later became staples in classrooms and offices, and are now synonymous with studying, learning, and intellect. The globe has a round shape that is easy and uncomplicated for the eye to understand, and as such is one of the easier decorative items to have around the house. The making of globes found a great boost in interest after the Portuguese and Spanish had learned significantly more about the shape of the world than they had known before. Globes and maps were greatly sought after and made accurate by navigational schools in Europe. Maps were not the accurate way to portray the world in a 3D manner, and as such the model world globe was invented.

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Because the world had been viewed for so long, the Catholic Church found it hard to accept that the world globe was the real shape of the earth. Because of this decree, many world globes were prevented from being made by craftsmen who needed the Church’s business. Because of the great reformation that came about when the Church of England separated from Rome, priests and those in charge of education became more lenient toward the idea that the world was round. Intellectuals and those who were fond of forward thinking and radical ideas had globes in their homes and offices. The notion of the world globe fostered great intellectual curiosity. A world globe thereafter became one of the top symbols that represented change and great discourse.

Because being scientifically informed on the topics of the world was of great importance and fashion at the time, many a noble and merchant bought world globes to display in their home spaces. While the library would retain the same globe model throughout the year, the world globes in other parts of the room would be switched out as the fashions and colors, as well as materials, changed. Globes also became extremely popular in school houses and boarding schools where children were being educated. The globe has a worldly appeal that extends far beyond those antiquated times and into the world of today as well.

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The savvy decorator may want to take into consideration the material and size of the globe before they buy one. Because some globes might not fit one’s preconceived arrangements, one should know that a globe itself is highly adaptable and could also be placed in the middle of a room for greater effect. Those who choose this display away from the wall will be pleased to find that the globe never runs the risk of spinning and hitting something else.

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